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Our Photo Gallery

Photo of Jack Elliano by Dave Glackin From Music, Sound and Personalities: The 2007 CES and T.H.E. SHOW by Dave Glackin, on Positive-Feedback.com

The Most Interesting Transformer Manufacturer in the show was Jack Elliano of Electra-Print. Jack is pictured here in his lab, one evening after the show. He actually has a rather large facility, with a staggering array of tubes, electronics, loudspeakers, parts, and whatnot. He manufactures transformers, chokes, and custom amplifiers. Jack learned transformer design and manufacture from a fellow who worked at Peerless, and he has a reputation for building high-quality components. Jack showed me the circuit diagram for a 21-watt SET amplifier using a Sovtek 6A3 ...a pretty amazing output spec. Jack connected some famous-manufacturer mylar capacitors to a signal generator, and demonstrated how they act as electrostatic loudspeakers, producing an audible tone when driven in this manner. Each has different resonance points. Paper capacitors do not do this, and that is what Jack uses in his designs. Thanks for a most educational evening, Jack!

Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 30

EL 84-PP Integrated Amplifier built by Electra-Print Audio

Our Electra-Print design of this EL-84 P-P Integrated amplifier is a custom built with a circuit that is simple, clean, tried and true. It is able to deliver power to several speaker arrangements in the 95 to 98db SPL range. Low source impedance is provided by its push-pull output without feedback, which makes it unique.

Electra-Prints circuit design has the ability to reduce crossover distortion without feedback due to the terminated autoformer driver. This type of distortion is due to signal level moving the bias and the lamination material remagnetizing (hysteresis). The low DCR of the autoformer in the bias path allows little change of bias and the remagnetizing is reduced with M6 laminations. A traditional P-P tube output stage with a resistor/capacitor coupled drive circuit has a sum/difference from signal and high impedance bias voltage (through grid resistor), that will change the operating point continuously, therefore increasing crossover distortion.

Another feature is an input transformer (nickel lamination type) to match most conventional CD players which have low output impedance to a constant load. A slight step-up eliminates the need for a line amp plus a second input is available for other line level devices.

All chassis and transformer containers are made of non magnetic material. This reduces the overall noise level from power transformer and filter choke distributed magnetic fields.

An OpAmp driver allows a variable gain for signal source choices. Two separate common grounds designed in this amplifier (one for the OpAmp and one for the tube amplifier) further reduce ground loops.

EL84 front view (Photo credit: RichardMatzinger.com)   EL84 back view (Photo credit: RichardMatzinger.com)

Nice symmetrical looking amp by Karin. 10Y driven by 7044 using 10K primary Z output iron.

Electra-print.com: 10Y driven by 7044 using 10K primary Z output iron

This Marchand PR41 preamp was built by Tom and includes our Electra-Print PVA transformers. Very nice workmanship!

Electra-Print.com: Marchand PR41 preamp   Electra-Print.com: Marchand PR41 preamp

Jack Elliano custom built this UltraPath preamp for a customer. All the transformers are made by Electra-Print. There are 3 pairs of inputs, one pair using the PVA transfomers for low impedance (CD) music sources. The other two can use any signal source including cathode followers. This was cusom built for a customer for less than $1,000.


Here's one of a pair of new custom-built 2A3 amps. Of course the amps have all Electra-Print iron. Hidden under the top case, these monoblocks have silver output transformers. Where's the driver tube? Well, these feature our unique driver circuit of our own design. This pair of amps was built for under $3,000.


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